5 Top Tips for Creating a Kickass Logo

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Your corporate logo is often the first introduction an audience has to your brand. So, getting it right is not just important – it’s essential. While there’s many ways to approach logo design (and what works for one industry may not be appropriate for another), there are some definite do’s and don’ts to always keep in mind. In basic terms, there are 5 things a logo should be… 1. Simple One of the most common mistakes companies make when designing their corporate branding is overcomplicating it. When you consider some of the most memorable logos of our time (think Nike, Apple, KFC), one thing they all have in common is their minimalistic design. Intricate drawings, patterns and other artistic details, look great in a frame on your wall but serve no purpose in a corporate logo. In a nutshell, an effective logo is easy to read, easy to identify and easy to transfer across various media. 2. Professional If you’re tempted to Do It Yourself – Don’t. Unless you’re a graphic designer, “home made” logos tend to look anything but professional. If price is a factor, there are a prolific amount of online freelancers happy to take on your job at a bargain price (check out Fiverr). Just bear in mind that not all freelancers are alike, and it might take quite a few goes (and dollars) before you find someone on the same wavelength. In other words, it often to pays to spend a bit more, and deal with a reputable designer that comes recommended. 3. Unique While imitation may be the highest form of flattery, copying a design you’ve seen elsewhere is a definite “no no”. Not only does it lack imagination, it could also land you in a whole lot of legal trouble. So, while you may admire your competitor’s corporate branding, don’t make the mistake of copying their look. That’s not to say you can’t be inspired by different styles and adapt them to suit your needs – particularly if they’re from an unrelated industry. 4. Relevant Not only should a logo design reflect the personality of the business it represents, it also needs to be relevant to the industry as a whole. While a cute hand drawn image may work perfectly for a cupcake business or a kids clothing designer, it wouldn’t be appropriate for a legal or accounting firm. Basically, you need to consider the image you want your business to reflect, whether it be modern and edgy or a more sophisticated, corporate feel. Either way, the design you choose, must be an accurate representation of you brand’s personality. 5. Consistent Whatever look you finally settle on, brand consistency is essential. In other words, wherever your logo appears, the colours, fonts, dimensions etc. must remain the same. While some variations are acceptable (e.g. a horizontal and vertical version of the design), as a general rule your logo should remain identical in whatever format it appears in. Most professional designers will supply a brand guidelines document identifying the overall features of the design. If not, prepare your own, and ensure that all your employees and suppliers represent your brand accurately.

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